About Us

Handshake® is a boutique application development company which specialises in web applications, mobile applications and prototype development.

Our key players are:

Richard Smythe. Holds a Bachelor of Science in Cartography and has over 25 years of real world experience developing software applications from GIS (Geographical Information Systems) through to Compact Framework applications for mobile phones.

One of Richard's applications was awarded the "Best Business Application" award in a National Mobile Developer compeition run by Sony-Ericsson in 2002. The application was a field force automation product which was able to synchronise over 20,000 products onto a handheld device running Windows Phone Edition and SQL CE. The comprehensive application was the first of its kind to allow a customer to sign on the screen and provided real time credit card processing and invoice/quote delivery.

Richard has worked in several government and semi-government organisations and in his spare time volunteers with Angel Flight and the SES.

David Strybosch is the founder & director of MyLife® (Managing Your Income, Lifestyle & Future Expenses) which is a Principal Member of Infocus Securities. He is a Certified Financial Planner CFP® with over 15 years experience and Australia wide clientelle.

One of David's clients once wrote "David is a visionary service provider, who has his clients at the centre of his business. In my opinion, MyLife has thrived (despite the global economic crisis) under his entrepreneurial guidance and leadership, and together with a great team has provided financial advice, guidance, and direction far beyond any of his peers. David is by far the best financial advisor I have had the privilege of doing MyLife with.”

With many testimonies like that it is easy to see that David is the right person to have driving the business which is able to provide you and your clients with the next level of confidence and security.

PCI Compliance

Proper security for websites that process transactions and collect private information requires PCI Scanning- quarterly scanning as a minimum. A PCI scan means that any and all provided IP addresses that are related to our site and transaction process are scanned regularly for known vulnerabilities. Basically, a PCI Scan helps to ensure that what comes in and goes out of our website is safe. 

Our prominently displayed trust seals combined with frequent PCI scanning shows that we hold our customers privacy, information, and security in high regard. These seals tell our customers that we believe that their protection and peace of mind matters to our business. 

Trust Seals 

There are many companies that provide trust seals and many that provide PCI Scanning. None of them, however, have the kind of comprehensive website security and testing that Trust Guard offers. In an effort to both recognize and resolve security, privacy and business identity concerns among online consumers, Trust Guard provides trust seals and services that cannot be matched by their competitors.

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