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Western Australia 6160
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2-storey limestone building circa 1862 built as a Flour Mill. William Cornish was the original owner. In 1865 mill was leased to T&H Carter Co. 

In 1880 the lot was occupied by a house and mill, run by Oakley until his death in 1883. After his death the mill was offered For Sale.  It was purchased by E. Higham who owned it until 1893.

The warehouse and mill was in the partnership of Charles Slee and W.Milling Co. Rate books show James Gillespie as the mill owner and Alice Pearse owning the warehouses, stables and office till 1907 when Gillespie sold to the Westralian Union Flour Co. under control of Thomas Ockerby.

In 1939 it became an engineering workshop and was sold to Percy Smith. Continued to operate under Smith family ownership until it was sold to Clarence Minicullo.

In  1993  planning approved the restoration of the old mill to 7 residential units. The construction of 6 Residential units and one Commercial Bed and Breakfast was granted. In 1974 the property was classified by the National Trust and entered into the Register by the Heritage Commission.