Sample Scenario

Your daughter needs to get some work done to her car but doesn't have enough money to cover the bill.
You are happy to use your credit card to pay for it, but don't know the mechanic and you are interstate.

You give the mechanic the first 6 digits or your credit card, and your mobile phone number.
Your credit card is still safe in your pocket, as you have not given out your full credit card details over the phone.

The transaction takes place like this;

  1. the mechanic sends an SMS to Handshake® with 6 numbers from your credit card, your mobile number, the amount and a description of the service
    423953 0410555123 75.95 New fan belt
  2. You get a message from Handshake® with the details of the payment
    Mr Mechanic requires $75.95 for New fan belt. To accept reply with X00, the last digits of your credit card, expiry date, cvv and name on the card. eg. X00 CCCCCCCCCC MMYY CCC Name
  3. You then respond with the rest of your card number, expiry date, cvv and name on the card to accept the payment
    X00 0001605543 0217 443 Mr Happy Dad
  4. Handshake® contacts the bank through a secure, encrypted connection and only then provides them the details of the transaction.
  5. Handshake® sends confirmation of Success or Failure to both you and the mechanic via SMS.
    Success: You have paid Mr Mechanic $75.95 for New fan belt

    Success: Mr Happy Dad has paid $75.95 for New fan belt Auth:423543

Key points:

  • At no time have you exposed your full credit card details to anyone
  • Your details are collected through 2 separate interactions on geographically and logically distinct systems.
  • Your details are never stored online in a way that can compromise your security.
  • The merchant has no record of your credit card details