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Australia Patent: 2012239839
International Patents: Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Phillippines, Singapore, USA, ARIPO (10), ARIPO(17), Eurasia, Europe, India, New Zealand, South Africa

25 Canterbury Road

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Registrant MY LIFE IT (AUST) PTY. LTD.
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Eligibility Name handshake
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We provide a service ("Service" or "Services") to a merchant that allows them to process a credit card transaction by using our application/API to handle the security and interaction with the credit card processing gateway . The Service requires only a part of the card details to be given to the merchant to initiate a transaction, the Handshake® API requests the remaining information directly from the customer.


As a customer you are welcome to use our Service to streamline the processing of your card details and to obtain reports of your purchase history.

Refund / Returns policy

The Handshake® Service does not support refunds of goods, if you have a problem with an item from a merchant you will need to take this issue up with the merchant that supplied the item.

Time frames / Service Level Agreement

The Handshake® Service Level Agreement (SLA) is an agreement relating to the use of Handshake® Service, and is entered into between MyLife (Aust) Pty Ltd (Handshake®) and our clients (You). This agreement is designed to give our clients a level of confidence around the reliability of our platform, and our commitment to delivering a high quality service.


This SLA agreement is to be read in conjunction with the Handshake® Terms and Conditions.


Service Level Agreement

  1. We will use reasonable endeavours to ensure that Handshake® provides Service Availability of at least 99.95% measured over a calendar month, subject to our terms and conditions.

      Definition of Service Availability

      1. "Service Availability" describes the availability of:
        1. The API instance (where the instance is up and available to the internet); and

        2. The hosting environment (being the servers, storage, routers, switches and internet connectivity) under our exclusive control.
      2. Service Availability is measured as a percentage of time that the Handshake® Service is operational and contactable from the internet, calculated over a calendar month, excluding any Scheduled Outages.

      Service Level inclusions and exclusions

      1. The Service Level applies only to a released product.

      2. The Service Level does not apply to:
        1. Any scheduled outages, being any outage windows scheduled by us when maintenance is required to be performed on the Handshake® Service (Scheduled Outages);

        2. Any services running within the API;

        3. Any Beta product (being any product released to the market for testing and feedback);

        4. Any outages or downtime initiated or caused by your acts or omissions, any software of configuration issues relating to your software, hardware or services.

        5. We have no obligation to meet the Service Level if any undisputed invoice is overdue for payment or if your account is suspended for any reason in accordance with this Agreement.


      1. We will use reasonable endeavours to notify you of any Scheduled Outages at least 5 Business Days prior to the date on which the Schedule Outage is proposed to occur.

      2. If we anticipate that the Services and/or Additional Services will be offline for more than 30 consecutive minutes at any time, we will notify you by posting details on our Website.


The use of the Handshake® Service is FREE for consumers*.


A merchant is charged the higher of $1 or 2% as a processing fee per transaction from Handshake®**. 

These fees are bundled and charged in arrears on invoice at an agreed trigger point.

Common trigger points may be daily, weekly or monthly, or based on a specific number of transactions.


All charges are in Australian Dollars (AUD).


*SMS charges and data charges are external to the Handshake® and may be incurred from your communications provider.

**Additional fees may be charged by the merchant bank, or other third party provider but this is outside the scope of the Handshake® Service.

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