Handshake® Café Module Demonstation

The Cafe module is designed to give the power back to the consumer.
Not only does the guest have the security of never handing over their credit card, they have the flexibility of being able to control how they pay.

For example:
Apart from the details about what was consumed the invoice at right has a few pieces of information relevant to the transaction.

  • Table number 8
  • Receipt number 317
  • Amount owing $68.45

The procedure for a Handshake empowered restaurant is to enter those key pieces of information into the transaction screen.
From there the system will format a payment screen with your logo and allow the customer to complete the transaction with any combination of cash or one or more credit cards. The screen even provides a handy calculator.

The power is handed back to the consumer and if they choose to split the bill a token $1 (adjustable) per split is applied to the account, this is to cover the additional merchant fees which may occur.

Once the transaction(s) is successful, the screen updates with the approval details and the customer is free to leave.

Behind the scenes Handshake sends you the full details of the transaction including authorisation numbers.

On the right is a working demonstration.

Demo specifications

This is a demonstration which runs through the sandbox, as a result NO MONEY will be deducted from your credit card.

Sample cafe module

Click here to pop this open in a neat mobile window.

NOTE: This demo is currently only configured for Australian mobile numbers.
Please check back soon as we are working on the International version.